Saint Martin - Cobalt - Lo Rise Swim Brief
Saint Martin - Cobalt - Lo Rise Swim Brief
Saint Martin - Cobalt - Lo Rise Swim Brief

Saint Martin - Cobalt - Lo Rise Swim Brief

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Discover the captivating allure of Saint Martin collection, a Caribbean Island renowned for its breathtaking vistas and vibrant rooftops. Immerse yourself in the vivid hues and rich cultural tapestry with our exquisite swimwear line.

Imitating the stunning color palette and cultural significance, our Saint Martin Collection encapsulates the essence of this tropical paradise. Our Lo Rise Swim Brief are meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the narrow alleyways that grace the island's strips. Delicate stripes adorn our premium Lo Rise Swim Brief, mirroring the island's intricate architecture and evoking a sense of refined elegance.

Experience our 100% Eco Polyester-Sublimation fabric magnificently illuminates our pristine whites, radiating their brilliance with unparalleled splendour. It effortlessly captures the essence of every Saint Martin palette, unveiling their truest shades in a spectacle of pure, unadulterated colours. 

Tribe Australia's quality craftsmanship and attention to detail along with our Eco friendly, sustainable fabric as part of the "Healthy Seas Initiative"- combines strength with muscular compression for the perfect fit. We use breathable technology that is hyper resistant to chlorine, sunscreens and oils. 

Experience our 100% Australian Made swimwear from our new 2023 collection today.