10 Minutes with Fedel Palmero


We chat with the sensationally ambitious Fedel Palmero about what it takes to compete in the WBFF, the social issues that are close to his heart and what motivates him.

Tell us a little bit of your background?
I grew up on the Gold Coast, however, now currently living in Melbourne and working in the Military. I enjoy Snowboarding, Surfing and competitive Bodybuilding. I placed 2nd in my first show in 2019 and 2nd again in the recent 2021 show. My other hobbies include photography and have recently started attending some painting classes for something different.
On Saturday afternoon you will find me?
Lately, post 2020, I have developed another unique hobby of cooking. Who would have thought that when gyms close down, bodybuilders turn into bakers haha. A few of my signature dishes lately have been Focaccia and Lemon Tarts with a pistachio short crust pastry.
How did you get into bodybuilding?
I have been training consistently for 10 years. Participation in bodybuilding shows was a great way to test the culmination of my effort and hard work by presenting a physique to then be analysed and judged.
What inspired you to get into WBFF?
The federation and the community that comes with it is truly incredible. From my first show in 2019, I am still in contact with those I shared the stage with and we mutually support, inspire and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.
What advice would you give for someone starting out in bodybuilding?
I would echo an emphasis on patience. Muscles and physique development are built through consistency + time. Do not conform to a requirement for instant fixes, simply put in the hard work, acknowledge that it requires perseverance and you will be able to craft something both long lasting but also healthy and appealing.
What is something we don’t know about you?
I spent a year studying French Language full-time and speak at intermediate level.
What social issues are closest to your heart?
I would say that it would have to be issues of mental health resulting in suicide. There is a lot of good that can come just from checking in on someone and seeing if they are OK.
What is your favourite thing about Tribe Australia?
Where to start… the cut, material and diverse selection. I was over the moon when I discovered Tribe Australia whilst searching for the right fit and design for my shows. Finding a suitable piece is a critical component to completing your ‘look’ on the day and Tribe delivers some amazing items day in and day out.
Number 1 thing you do before a competition?
Particularly on the day, I like to take the chance to appreciate my surroundings and the other people contributing to the event. I have already done the hard work on my body and what I bring to stage cannot be changed so I find it always important to be polite to the people that get you on stage like the tanning staff, or take a moment to make sure that perhaps a new competitor is at ease with how the layout of the show will be, timings, where their number needs to be placed. Yes it’s a competition but that doesn’t take away from the opportunity to be a decent human. 
What motivates you to keep going?
The pursuit to do more or be more. I have a habit of going down the Youtube rabbit hole and watched an interesting short ‘Day in the Life’ of a professional Chef. This woman was up at 6am to answer emails and work related to her TV show and book publication. She then arrives at her restaurant at 11 am, as the first person every day, to begin preparation for the evenings seating. Long story short, the day ends with her in bed at midnight to do it all again the next day. From this I took that we do not truly know our limits of achievements. We simply perceive that we are at max capacity, however, no matter how busy our days are there will always be someone working harder, longer, more consistently. It’s knowing this that enables me to push further.
Plans for 2021?
I commenced a Master’s degree this year so you will most likely find me buried in text books attempting to comprehend academic writing. Alongside the fact that I just put in my application for Australian Survivor 2021, so fingers crossed… If I get in, I will find a way to rock some Tribe Australia hahaha.
When boarders open up, where on the globe will you be headed?
I think a well-deserved trip to the South of France might be in order. I’m sure my growing collection of Tribe Australia will come in handy for a European summer.
Photographed by Andrew Hammond