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Tribe Swimwear was founded in 2008 with the mission to make amazing and unusual men's swimwear of the highest quality.

With a trendsetting mentality, attention to detail, superior fit and the use of the very best quality fabrics TRIBE has earned itself a reputation as a leader in men's swimwear worldwide.

Tribe Men's Swimwear Australia


The TRIBE Collection for 2021 continues this trend by being the first to use metallic fabrics to create a sophisticated and unique look in men's swimwear.

TRIBE Swimwear has an amazing attention to detail which can be seen from the TRIBE logo printed on the cord and the specially made chlorine and salt resistant toggles to the handcrafted detail of our stripe & check ranges, where each garment is individually hand cut to ensure the pattern matched perfectly.

A lot of time and care goes into each piece of TRIBE Swimwear which is created in Sydney, Australia

Tribe Swimwear is 100% Australian Hand Crafted.