It was 1998 and I (Bettina - TRIBE Australia Founder and Designer) was lounging around on holidays with a cocktail in one hand and a trashy mag in the other. An article on Victoria and David Beckham caught my eye and started my obsession with men’s swimwear.

You see, Becks revealed he used to wear his wife's underwear around the house because there was nothing nearly as comfortable available for men. I joked with my husband about it, only for him to confirm that he knew guys who’d done the same because women’s underwear was so different to what they were used to wearing. 

After returning home and stalking the shops, I realised there was a big gap in the market for soft, supportive men’s underwear that was not plain black or white. After undertaking some market research of my own, I decided to do something about it.

Cue 10 years of product development to identify the right fabric and fit before TRIBE Australia was born in 2008. Offering underwear in beautiful fabrics and prints, I soon found men wore our briefs as swimmers because they couldn’t find anything else as good.

So, we made the move into men’s swim trunks and briefs and have never looked back!

More than a decade on, TRIBE Australia continues to break gender barriers, using fabrics traditionally used in women’s’ swimwear in a masculine way. 

Designed and made right here in Australia

  • Proudly 100% Australian-made, TRIBE Australia is committed to local craftsmanship and nurturing our local fashion industry. This not only maintains the highest levels of quality but also gives us a clear view of our supply chain to ensure everyone is being treated fairly.

  • Right from the beginning, we’ve partnered with established and up-and-coming Australian makers to support our local industry and ensure jobs remain in Australia for makers, printers, fabric companies and fashion designers.

  • This approach helps preserve unique local designs, encourage emerging talents, and foster a vibrant local fashion industry for the long term. While we are 100% Australian-made, that doesn’t stop us from striving to deliver the best hand-crafted swimwear in the world for men!

  • Luxury

    Our premium swim trunks & briefs are made from high quality materials and crafted by hand for the ultimate fit.

  • Eco-friendly

    Sustainably made right here in Australia, our men’s swimwear uses recycled materials to reduce waste.

  • Comfortable

    We take inspiration from women’s fabric to create soft, supportive, and structured designs for all-day comfort.

  • Stylish

    Variety and style shouldn’t be the sole domain of women. Our designs & fabrics are bold, lively, and unique.

Why should women have all the fun...and style?

Traditionally, men’s swim trunks and briefs are not described as luxurious, eco-friendly, comfortable, or stylish. But, as we do things a little differently around here, this is exactly what you get when you order our Australian-made swimwear for men.